Borderline Retarded

Monday, July 31, 2006

I am a dim bulb today!

15 Minute Lunch: CSI: Poopsmith

I had a kind of sort of story to tell that maybe related to this excellent post over at 15 minute lunch. However, by the time I created the link and made my way to write about it, pfft! It was gone!

Well, enjoy this post anyway - it is too funny! Maybe I'll remember later what it was I wanted to write about.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Another good thing about today.......

One of my co-workers is having a baby, as we speak!

She had a scheduled c-section at 12:30.

I am so excited for her! I can't wait to meet the new little one.

We will hopefully hear the good news any minute now.........

It's been one of those days........

The baby woke me up out of bed at 1:30 am

The "mooing" of the cows woke me up intermittently throughout the night (mooing cows - where are we, Mayberry?) causing me to comment "somebody milk those bitches already!"

It took me forever to get the kids ready to go this morning

I had to switch the car seats from one car to the other, which I should have done last night, but didn't

Old baby dropped his Lego train on the ground, sending parts underneath the car

The car was out of gas

I dropped the debit card at the gas station and it went underneath the car

My hair looks like crap

I had a filling done two weeks ago and I have to go back today and get it replaced

Good things about today:

New baby didn't puke up on me

I remembered to take two New York steaks out of the freezer to thaw, and remembered to ask my wonderful husband to make the marinade for it - dinner is going to rock!

I was able to find clean clothes to wear

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I have never found a picture to use as my "avatar" even though I've been meaning to do so after all these months of blogging. I finally decided to do something...... I have found a lovely Renaissance maiden to be my stand-in until I finally get motivated to use something else!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I have two words for you:

Wasabi Mayonnaise

It really added a new dimension to my bologna sandwich.

I have been cooking up a storm. I planned out a menu for the entire week last week - and we have had some pretty good food cooking around our house! I am so happy to be organized enough that I can cook when I get home from work. I really do enjoy it. We've had herb marinated flank steak with rice pilaf, pork pot roast, chili, and my favorite chicken - rubbed with seasonings and olive oil, baked in the oven with chicken stock and white wine, topped with freshly grated parmesan cheese. And, to top it all off, cheesecake. My happiness would be complete if only I could get old baby to try any of it!

New baby has loved every jar of baby food we have given him. Applesauce, carrots, peas, green beans and squash. He can't get enough! So different form his big brother who used to gag on every type of baby food I tried to give him. I do feel somewhat vindicated though; everyone has always blamed me for how picky old baby is about food. Watching new baby devour everything has helped me realize that a lot of it has to do with the individual child, too.

Nobody praises me because new baby eats everything in site, but I sure have been criticized for my older boy's finnicky eating habits. He seems to have not only an aversion to strong flavors, but to texture as well. He won't even eat white rice for crying out loud! My mother is still trying to give me helpful "hints" to get old baby to eat a larger variety of food. I always kind of feel good when she acts all surprised that it didn't work - is that wrong? I guess it bothers me that I question myself, instead of having the courage to say "I know because I am his mother".

I would greatly benefit from some advice (not from my mother) on how to encourage a child to try new foods. It always seems like such a struggle.

Monday, July 24, 2006

My alarm went off this morning, which apparently was the signal for the cat to start jumping on me and licking my face. I don't know what she was all excited about; the bedroom door was open all night and she had access to me whenever she wanted! I spent about 10 minutes trying to squeeze in a few minutes more of sleep but ended up spending that time yelling at a cat. I heard the boys in their bedroom, so I decided it was time to get up. I changed diapers, and put new baby down on the couch while I fixed his bottle. I opened the cupboard door, and found no clean bottles. I hurried over to the sink to clean a bottle before the little dude lost his mind.

I was concentrating on the task at hand when old baby brought a clump of grass to me. "Here Mommy, here! Here Mommy - Mommy here! MOMMY!!" I grabbed the grass out of his hand and started to toss it into the sink when suddenly, it moved. I tossed it away and started the "heebie geebie" dance which consisted of me hopping from foot to foot while shaking my hands in front of me and shivering from head to toe and saying "haa haa haa". Apparently, I am a big fat sissy girl! I finally reined myself in when I noticed I was actually upsetting the boy. I looked into the sink to see that my boy had handed me a praying mantis. After a few more body shakes, I was finally able to finish making the bottle and feed the poor starving baby.

I would probably have been even more creeped out if I hadn't already seen a praying mantis in our backyard on Saturday night. I had turned on the sprinkler in the back and noticed the buggie sitting on the cement just under the porch light. I hadn't ever seen a praying mantis in the wild, so I called my husband over to see it too. I don't think this was the same bug - it was a different color and a little it bigger.

After getting the kids settled, I went back to the sink and picked up the mantis to take back outside. I think it must have been the victim of one of the cats. It's wings were slightly shredded and only one leg appeared to be working. I put it back into the shade in the grass. I don't know if bugs regenerate limbs, but I hope so!

Note to self: Always always look carefully at what your two year old son is handing you before you take it from him. Pay attention - damnit!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Did anyone else know that Aaron Spelling died? I just now read about it. I had no idea! I am so out of the loop.........

Thursday, July 20, 2006

How big is this guy's frickin mailbox?

They must grow 'em big in Michigan.

Now, a trouser snake, that would have been funny!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Phew..... I feel so much better now! I was looking at a few of the last posts, and it appears I am yelling at everybody!

I like this template, and I will stick with it for now.

My kidney is feeling much better - not 100% yet. I had a bladder infection that spread to my right kidney. I hate when that happens.

I'm not in too good of a mood today. This is a rare occurance for me, but it seems to be happening more frequently. Actually, I think I am just sad and bummed out today. I would rather be home with my family than at work. I had to pry my 2 year old off my leg to leave the house this morning, and it almost brought me to tears. He was so sad, and I know he was fine 30 seconds after I left, but I was not fine.

I have been feeling crappy for about 4 weeks now, it seems to be one thing after another. Other than pregnancy, I have never gone such a long stretch feeling poorly. It's hard to keep your spirits high and your mood friendly when you just want to go home and crawl into bed.

One thing I have done to help turn things around is to start cooking again. I love to cook, and I haven't done much since returning to work full time. I am also trying to keep track of the food I eat in a diary, to make sure I'm not eating too much every day. I printed out a list of activities that will burn 100 calories, and I'm going to put it up in the kitchen. I know that losing some weight will help me feel better, mentally and physically. It just seems so hard!

One thing I noticed on all these lists they never tell you how many calories you burn having sex. What a bunch pf prudes!! Imagine how happier some couples would be with some positive motivation. "Look honey, woman on top of man love will burn 250 calories!" I guess I'll just have to write those in.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I'm not sure I'm liking this new template too much.

It doesn't really seem like me.

I don't like change.

Change bad.

Same good.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Should you be able to feel your kidney? Like, in a throbbing, painful kind of way? No? Hmm.... should probably get that checked out.

Ok, I said I'll get it checked out! Stop yelling at me!

I saw the new "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie on Sunday. I enjoyed it immensely! I am in awe of the special effects in use nowadays. I loved the Davy Jones character an all of his sailors. They looked cool. I haven't been to the movie theater since just before giving birth to new baby - I saw the Harry Potter movie, so I am easily impressed with the whole movie-going experience. I actually find myself getting swept up in it, with pounding heart and everything. I wouldn't mind seeing this one again.

I also saw a couple of promising movie trailers. One was for a new Ben Stiller movie that I am definitely going to. It isn't coming out until December though. I haven't always been a fan of Ben Stiller. It took me years before I started to appreciate his humor. Now, I will watch anything he is in. Of course, I can't remember the name of the movie...... must have been that bump on the head!

Friday, July 14, 2006

New Look.... Same Old Me!!

Do you ever have one of those things that happen to you, and you say "why did that just have to happen?" Usually I think that when I'm walking around, minding my own business then BAM!! I break my toe on the leg of the coffee table. Or, hit my funny bone while drying off after taking a shower. There was no good reason for that.... Why God? Why?

Well, Sunday night I got home with the kids from my parents house kind of late. It was pitch dark outside, and I had to move the playpen from the van to the Honda so I could take it back to my brother-in-law's house for the baby.

It must have been a combination of the the branches that had grown way too long, and the strong wind blowing down from the hills that did it. I was bent over in the trunk moving the stroller to make room for the playpen when suddenly the trunk slammed right into the top of my head. I didn't even know what had happened at first. I sat right down on the ground rubbing my head and crying like a baby. I have been told and feel sometimes like I have a high threshold for pain. The uncontrollable crying is what really got me. I couldn't stop! I tried to , but I couldn't. Suddenly, two neighbors out walking their dogs were there asking if I was OK. I sounded like my 2 year old son trying to tell a grown up what happened. They asked if they should get some help from inside the house. I assured them I was all right, and they continued on their way. I finished up my business, hand firmly holding up the trunk this time, and tried to calm myself down. But Damn, that really hurt!

I walked back into the house trying really hard to compose myself. But I started balling again just as I walked in the door. My husband asked if I was OK, and I said "No, I'm not OK!" Oh, what he must have thought about me right then I don't want to know! I quickly explained what happened. I was able to calm down as the pain subsided. I did grow myself a nice goose-egg on top of my head though.

I ended up not sleeping well that night, and feeling a bit nauseous when I woke up Monday morning. I decided not to go into work, which was a very hard decision because I have no personal days left. We only get 2 days per year, and I already used up my vacation time when I had the baby. But, by 11:00 or so I felt much better.

The bump is finally gone, but the top of my head is still sore and tender.

I have precious few brain cells left - I am going to see if I can make it through the next few days without any major head trauma!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I had a fairly good weekend. Both kids stayed overnight at Papa and Tutu's house. Both kids!! This marks the first time either child has spent the night away from me at someone else's house. Without ME! It was loooooong overdue for old baby. He will be three in August, time to start sending him away for a whole week!

One of my very best friends turned 26 on Sunday. We went out Saturday night and closed down the bar, then hit Denny's. I haven't been to Denny's at 2:00 in the morning since I was in High School! We were trying very hard not to be lumped together with all the other misfits in the joint who also obviously just came stumbling out of bars. We had a great time. I like one of our friend's new girlfriend. She seems awesome, and has two children herself.

She totally got hit on by this drunk dude at the bar. She and I were talking, and he just walked up and started staring at her tits. He said he was trying to read her shirt. He asked her name, and then went on his way. Apparently, I am invisible. I mean, it was rude enough to interrupt us when we were obviously deep in conversation, but to just totally ignore the friend? Isn't that kind of not a good way to get on a chick's good side? I asked her if it had been a while since she had been hit on in a bar. She said she didn't ever really go out that often, so she wasn't quite sure how to handle herself. She did good though. I told her my friend Aimee gets hit on all the damn time when we go out, and the very first thing she does when the guy won't scram is pull out a picture of her twins. Usually the guy will continue on until she basically turns around so her back is to him. That's when they usually turn towards me and start in. Nice. I have always felt like the bouncer when I go out with my friends!!

One of our friends couldn't make it. His girlfriend had a birthday that weekend as well, so they were at a concert. But, sweetheart that he is, he sent the birthday girl a text message. It made her evening!

We came home and I decided it was time to fall asleep when I noticed it was starting to get light outside. We slept until about 12:30, then both got up. I wish we could have left the house and done something fun, but I couldn't talk the better half into it. I wish I had planned ahead a little bit better and thought of something exciting! Instead, I stayed in my pajamas all day until it was time to pick up the kids at 6:00.

The kids did great - we are definitely going to let them spend the night more often!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Somone keeps taking my food out of the fridge at work.


Friday, July 07, 2006

4th of July was fun. We went to my sister in law's house for a barbecue. She lives in American Canyon - how could we celebrate the fourth anyplace else?

Old baby was a crack up the whole time. He was eating some cheese, and wanted another piece. I told him he could go to the table and get another one. He came back with a brownie! He didn't eat much else, but of course wanted some cake. We didn't let him have any though. Oh the horrors! He kept calling a blue shed in the backyard a barn, and wanted to go see the cows.

At about 9:00 we packed up the kiddies in their strollers and headed down the street to a school where they were going to have a fireworks show. New baby fell asleep about three steps down the driveway. Old baby was riding in style with his favorite blanket on his lap like a little old man in a wheelchair. I let him run around pushing his stroller while we waited for it to get dark. I am amazed at how far he will travel away from me now, turning around every now and again to see where mommy is. I did have to go hunt him down after he started to get too far away!

He couldn't wait for the fireworks to start. We were all getting comfortable, and every now and again you could hear some fireworks go off in the surrounding neighborhoods. A particularly loud POP! went off near by. Old baby said "bless you, mommy". Thanks kid!

The very first firework went off kind of suddenly, and I'm afraid I reacted a bit too strongly too it. Old baby covered his eyes and started crying. Not a real serious cry, but he absolutely refused to take his hands away from his face. I did however catch him taking peeks through his fingers! He moved out of the stroller and hugged me, wrapped in his blanket. He turned his head so he could look at his daddy. The colors of the fireworks were reflecting off of daddy, and that is how he watched the fireworks this year. I thought it was perfectly fine.

New baby slept through pretty much all of it. He only made noise twice, and went right back to sleep each time. On the way home, old baby was holding this green glow-stick on his lap. New baby was wearing a navy blue hooded sweatshirt, and the light reflecting off his face made him look a bit like the emperor from Star Wars!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

OMG. Brain hurting. Must lay head on desk.

Not again!

If (On Sunday) an employee finds reason for a doctor visit, sees the doc the next work day (Monday) and the doc refers them elsewhere, to be seen; Notice of the appt, is given the day after it is arranged by the physician’s office (Wed) , since your boss is out late that afternoon when you get the call …the follow up appt falls on the morning after a Holiday, the following week.
Is the employee covered for their Holiday? (The employee worked the 8 hr day prior and has both vacation & prsl time to pull from to cover their absence.)

Monday, July 03, 2006

I am about to head home after a grueling day at work - payroll on the short weeks are always so much fun! But, I can't complain. All the supervisors turned in everything on time, and relatively mistake free.

I can't remember if I'd mentioned this, but I was able to get my younger sister hired on here. I am happy to report that she is now working full time and has benefits, and just received a raise. This is her second raise in two months. I am so happy for her! I processed her paperwork for health insurance and her 401(k) today.

I am so looking forward to 4th of July - we are going to try and let old baby watch fireworks for the first time. It's almost all he can talk about since Saturday! There is nothing to bring back the wonderment of any holiday than being with a child watching it for the first time. I know, sappy huh? I can't wait!

The kids are cracking me up nowadays. When we drive in the car, they will blow raspberries at each other. All you can hear is hysterical laughter one after the other as they spit on each other. New baby has it down good for only being 6 months old! He must be very advanced.

We have introduced carrots to new baby's taste buds. He seems to like them even more than sweet potatoes! Is there nothing this kid won't eat? Of course, I don't expect it to last. Even the tots I know who have always been the best eaters will go through phases of only wanting mac n cheese. Old baby is still as picky as ever when it comes to food. He even refused ice cream. What the? That has got to be a first in the history of mankind!

For the 4th, I am taking the kids to my folks house for a couple of hours. They have been in Oregon out in the middle of nowhere and are missing the grandkids something fierce! We are planning to go to my sister-in-law's house for dinner (BBQ I assume) and watch fireworks at the school. I hope everything goes smoothly, so mommy and daddy can enjoy it to!

Happy 4th of July all you bloggers out there!