Borderline Retarded

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

This week is going so slow. I thought yesterday was Wednesday almost all day. I am anxious for a few reasons. Firstly, my younger son took a terrible fall of the play structure at the park on Sunday night. It was like a nightmare unfolding before me in slow motion. He cried and cried and I cried and cried. He stood up before I could even get to him, which was a comfort of sorts. The ground at the park is squishy and covered with finely shredded bark. He didn't even have a scratch on him. It was so close to bedtime though, that I had trouble sleeping and kept getting up to check on him. It wasn't until I had thoroughly scoured the Kaiser handbook and the Internet for "head injury" that I finally relaxed enough to sleep. I was going to stay at home with him on Monday, but he seemed fine when he woke up. He was walking a bit gingerly, but I didn't see anything wrong with him. I only decided to take him to day care because I trust his caregiver so much. I knew she would never ignore any symptoms and would call me for anything. He fell almost 6 feet, but bounced back like it was nothing. I cannot believe how absolutely lucky we are this time. My whole body aches today; I have been so tense since it happened that as I am finally loosening up my muscles are aching.

I am also very anxious because friends of ours are expecting a baby any minute. She is going to be induced tonight if her labor hasn't started on her own. This is their first child, and I remember vividly how frightening the whole process is the first time around. She and her husband are so prepared though, I have faith that this experience is going to be a lovely one for them both. I'm just having some trouble focusing on anything else today! They live in Kentucky, so we will have to be satisfied with pictures of their bundle of joy until we see them again. Good luck guys!

My cousin Dawn is also expecting any time. Her due date is May 30, but her babies are notoriously early. She is 9 months younger than me, and is giving birth to her 7th child. She has 3 boys and 3 girls, and this newest one is also a girl. She started young, barely 15 when she gave birth to her first. I have stopped being shocked when she tells me she is pregnant. I don't think she will ever stop having children. She's not a religious person at all, except when it comes to pregnancy. "I'll just have as many children as God gives me, I can't stop" she tells me. I've given up seeing any reason to it, and truth be told, all of her children are healthy, wonderful little people. My biggest fear is that they won't make the most of their lives, but fall into the same routine of teenage pregnancy, welfare abuse and this strange sense of entitlement their mother has. She has always been an enigma to me. As young children, she always made me feel immature and unworldly. I don't recall, however, feeling any sense of jealousy when she started having sex, ran away from home and quickly became pregnant. I knew on a very base level that those things were not correct of girls our age. The hardest realization I came to was that she is a habitual liar. I didn't believe for years that she was lying to me and stood up for her left and right. It was my inexperience that couldn't let me believe someone who loved me could lie to my face on such a regular basis, and with such ease. It chilled me to my bones when I finally saw her as she was. She even lied to our grandmother after the birth of her previous child in 2003. She told Gran that she had her tubes tied. I started to become suspicious at our Gran's funeral. New baby was barely 8 weeks old, and as she held him she joked about how we'd better look out, all it takes is holding a baby to make her pregnant. She made several comments like that throughout the day and I'll be damned is she wasn't pregnant months later. I knew she was pregnant before everyone else did, but I didn't say anything to anyone until Dawn told me herself. The only reason to talk about that sort of thing is to gossip and tsk tsk, and I just didn't have it in me. My thoughts as always, go out to her children and I pray that they are happy.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Oh my God. The music in the warehouse is so frickin loud! How can they possibly think with it blaring like that? Let alone hear each other talk. I feel like I'm in a movie theater with surround sound. Gah! At least the music is a bit updated from the "polka" style music or the spanish talk shows that are the norm. It normally doesn't bother me, but it's been ultra loud the last three days. I must be wearing a bit thin. I can't quite bring myself to go down and ask them to turn it down though. I just can't do it. My office mate Maria has on more than one occasion, but that was back when she was in the office I have now. The windows looks right out onto the line. I must be getting old and cranky.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

No no no no no no no no no no!!!

This is not happening, this is NOT happening. Find a happy place, find a happy place!!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Post #300. Woo hoo!!

I am not pregnant. I just felt a little crappy for a couple of days. Everyone who heard that I was feeling sick last week asked me if I was preggers. I though it was kind of funny. Totally coincidentally old baby and I had a conversation about babies on the way home from school. I reminded him about it so he could tell daddy, because I thought it was cute. Unfortunately, my husband mistook it at first for me finding a cutesy way of telling him I was pregnant. I chuckled, but tried not to be coy about it because there was a certain indescribable look on my husband's face. Not anger, not happiness, just anticipatory. I am glad though that the look was not what I would categorize as "bad". I've always felt it was unfair that the woman is the only one who knows when she is pregnant and has to be the one to tell the news. It would be much simpler if our hair turned purple or we grew spots. That would definitely take a load off.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Maria and I were walking back from the corporate office to our office yesterday afternoon and just gabbing as usual. I was telling her how I hadn't quite kept up with my housework this past weekend.......

R: I was able to get the bathroom cleaned, but that was about it. I guess I would have gotten more done but my husband kept heaving bouts of nec....

M: What?

R: Necrophilia? That's not right.

At this point, Maria and I started laughing so hard we stopped walking and were doubled over with our hands on our knees.

M: I didn't think necrophilia was something you could have "bouts" of.

R: Well, he likes to surprise me.

M: How do you guys have sex? "Lay still. Lay more still. You, get into that tub of ice."

R: I can't believe I confused the words "narcolepsy" with "necrophilia"!

M: Well, they are kind of similar.

R: Ok, the only thig similar about those two words is that they both start with "n".

M: Well, yep. I guess you're right!!

I'm kind of stoked that I have a work buddy who I can joke around with like this. She really gets me! Me and my sick mind.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I have been feeling not so good the last two days. I have been on the verge of puking for so long now I'm almost used to it. Something is up with my sense of smell going into overdrive, and my poor weak stomach can not deal. I threw up on the garage floor filling the cat's food dishes and I have not yet cleaned it up. Because that will cause a new torrent of puking that I just don't have the energy for. I hope I am better before this weekend, because I already have issues with the strap on my bike helmet choking me and making me gag. Pluh. Yucky.