Borderline Retarded

Monday, August 18, 2008

1st Day of Kindergarten

It's Jake's first day of kindergarten today. I just can't believe he's in school! He is so excited, and his younger brother is so excited. I hope everyone's day goes well today, but I expect we're going to need some serious cuddle time today when I get home from work.

I took half of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off last week so Jake could have a nice transition from Kinder Care to school. We had a going away party for him on Wednesday afternoon, and I planned a few day trips. We took the Amtrak to Sacramento to the Railroad museum on Thursday, he had an open house at his new class and I took him to see "The Clone Wars" at the theater on Friday, we went to Lake Berryessa on Saturday and to an air show on Sunday.

I took Jake to Target to pick out a lunchbox for school. His choice? Dora the Explorer. It's only got a little tiny bit of sparkles on it and is a lovely shade of purple! I figure he's trying to show the ladies his sensitive side.

I'm going to try and not hyperventilate or run back to the school and peek through the windows of Jake's class like some Peeping Tom!

I know this is strange, but I'm worried about the weirdest stuff, like will he be able to open his sandwich and put the straw in his juice box? Like he will starve to death before the lunchroom supervisor would be able to help him! I think there is a good enough mix of kids ages from 4 to 6 that the older ones will be able to help the younger ones out.

I'm taking this morning off to try and get some stuff done around the house, then I'm meeting Michelle at Jake's class after lunch. Jake is going to spend the afternoons with his brother at Michelle's house. She said that Jake's teacher is her favorite of the three - that was very nice to hear!