Borderline Retarded

Friday, May 04, 2007

Maria and I were walking back from the corporate office to our office yesterday afternoon and just gabbing as usual. I was telling her how I hadn't quite kept up with my housework this past weekend.......

R: I was able to get the bathroom cleaned, but that was about it. I guess I would have gotten more done but my husband kept heaving bouts of nec....

M: What?

R: Necrophilia? That's not right.

At this point, Maria and I started laughing so hard we stopped walking and were doubled over with our hands on our knees.

M: I didn't think necrophilia was something you could have "bouts" of.

R: Well, he likes to surprise me.

M: How do you guys have sex? "Lay still. Lay more still. You, get into that tub of ice."

R: I can't believe I confused the words "narcolepsy" with "necrophilia"!

M: Well, they are kind of similar.

R: Ok, the only thig similar about those two words is that they both start with "n".

M: Well, yep. I guess you're right!!

I'm kind of stoked that I have a work buddy who I can joke around with like this. She really gets me! Me and my sick mind.


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