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Monday, June 26, 2006

So I was all prepared to write a long heart wrenching tale that would have you tuning your violins. I was busy organizing my thoughts for a blog entry this morning in between getting the kids ready to go.

I was signing old baby in at day care. There happened to be a very polite young man, about 10 years old. He held open the door for me which I always appreciate. I commented on it to one of the day care employees. She gave me a look, and said "Oh, you hadn't heard?". In my experience, this type of comment is always followed by some morbid tale or other. It was explained to me that this young man's mother died three weeks ago. He was the one that found her and had to call 911. He has no father. The only family he has left in the world is his grandmother. Today was the first day he decided he could try and stay at the day care center all day. I didn't even try and stop the tears. I'm not stopping them now either.

So my problems don't really seem like, well, problems.

Thank you once again universe for reminding me exactly how lucky I am , and for the small hint to get over it, and be thankful that the people I love are healthy and alive.


  • So sad. :(

    You are right in that we all have to count our blessings.

    By Blogger Reese The Law Girl, at 11:48 AM  

  • I just wanna pick up that boy and hug 'im for a couple weeks.


    By Blogger Kingfisher, at 9:45 PM  

  • you're right, we all sometimes need little reminders that our lives are truly blessed. Thank goodness for his grandmother. (If it's not too weird, maybe put together a basket of toys or something to take to her?)

    By Blogger Amy, at 5:48 AM  

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