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Thursday, June 22, 2006

You blogger folk are so awesome! Thank you for your help and support!

I haven't had anything to eat yet today. I want to try and start today out right. I think I will have a cup of coffee and go from there.

I am going out to lunch today with some co-workers. We are getting Mexican. I am glad I know this in advance, so I can try to talk myself into not ordering the deep fried deliciousness that is a chimchanga.

I'm thinking taco salad, made with chicken. And try not to eat the whole shell. Water to drink - no soda. But if I do drink soda, diet soda. The soda is going to be the hard part.

Can I do it? Can I actually make a decision and stick with it? I have never been one to hold back when it comes to indulging myself with food. I used to be satisfied though eating just half the plate. Now, I clean the plate every time.

Luckily, my friend Maria is trying to lose weight too. She is so great to talk to about these things. If I tell her to start making piggy noises halfway through my meal, or when I grab for another handful of chips, she will do it! I think between the two of us, she can make my mealtimes at work healthier.

And, if I do over-indulge, I will take Kingfisher's advice and "bang my husband like a wildcat". I'll have to see if that is on Weight Watchers list of physical activities.


  • Sex may not be on there, but cleaning your house is...take it from someone who tried the website and gave up on myself...and the advice that you received from everyone was great. Drink lots of water, just bring a giant water bottle to work with you. If you don't like it plain put some lemons or limes into it. And if you're hooked on soda (which I'm sure you know is TERRIBLE for you, especially the diet stuff) maybe you can try sparkling mineral water, it has bubbles and it's so much better for you.
    This concludes the health advice from a fat girl who could stand to lose upwards of 75 pounds myself.

    By Blogger Elle Marie, at 11:52 AM  

  • I will be thinking healthy thoughts for you. Though I don't have as much to lose, I do struggle with the feelings of compulsion. Everyday I decide not to drink soda anymore, and I stick to it maybe one day in 5. I eat under stress and with 5 pugs in the house, I've been rather stressed! Also, baking sweets is my favorite (okay one of my favorite) way to relax. Then I eat the sweets all week. Good luck. Praise yourself for every good act; go easy on the blunders.

    By Blogger KYlitprof, at 6:42 PM  

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