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Monday, April 09, 2007

The bachelorette party was fabulous! I had the best time. I even wore heels! We were all wearing heels though, so I wasn't the only one teeter-tottering around.

The first dish was goat cheese balls, breaded and fried and served on salad greens. They were so rich, and tasted much like pumpkin pie, and was served in a dog food bowl.

The second dish was cream of asparagus soup. It was served in a highball glass. We took pictures and people are bound to wonder what the heck kind of cocktail we ordered that you would need a spoon for!

The third dish was salmon served on Okinawan potatoes (purple!) with carrots. I have only had fish twice in my life, and it's not my favorite. But I ate most of it and it was very good.

The fourth dish was lamb chop served on spanish rice and tomatoes. It was very spicy, and very delicious.

The fifth dish was a strawberry rhubarb tart with a dollop of ice cream melting in the middle. Drool.

We all had cocktails as soon as we got inside, me with my old favorite Captain Morgan and Coke. After that, the champagne was flowing. Champagne really is one of my favorite beverages!

The beds that we were on for dinner were so comfortable. It was so decadent, everyone should eat this way! I kind of felt like Emperor Ceaser "wash this!", but I didn't worry about my fat ass as long as I didnt' knock anything over. I very nearly bumped into the DJ's table as we were leaving. God - how embarrasing would that have been!

I got to share a room with my good friend Wren - is was so good to cathc up with her! I really had a wonderful tiem and I can't wait to take my sisters and a few other friends to check this place out.


  • The food sounds great except for the Asparagus. I still can't get over the fact that God would invent something so horrible, and that someone would actually make soup out of it?

    You had a good time though, which is AWESOME :D

    By Blogger Squishi, at 5:29 AM  

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