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Thursday, April 05, 2007

As it turns out, Betty either misunderstood completely what Maria's new job description and title are, or our boss decided to purposefully mislead her with false information. It might not be as black and white as that, but that is how I've decided to describe the situation. Nobody else was included in their metting, so we'll never know for sure, but my money is on the fact that Betty misunderstood and then blew everything out of proportion and turned into a right cheeky asshole.

She did come in a few hours after the first incident to apologize, but when I asked her what was going on, she snapped at me again! "You know, Robyn. You already know what's going on!" and stalked out of the room again. Some apology.

I had already called Maria to let her know something was afoot, and she told me she had finally been given the go-ahead to let everyone know her new position. Over the phone, she told me "I am the new Employee Relations Manager." Good for her! We've been needing one of those for years. Now, someone please tell me why that gives Betty the right to run around here on her broomstick wishing a pox on us all? I think when she glared at my sister when she said "good morning" to her, that really blew my gaskets. Nobody messes with my kid sister!! There is nothing in Maria's job that even deals with what Betty is doing. Basically, she was "HR Manager", and by her own testament she doesn't do any HR, just benefits. Her new title is Benefits Administrator. It is a title for what she actually does! There was nothing about this situation that made sense to me.

Maria made it into the office, and talked to me for a couple of minutes, then marched into Betty's office to find out what the deal was. Maria was in there for more than an hour, and they had a good talk. Luckily, our second in command for the company sent out an e-mail with the changes, as well as Maria's job description. Betty said "I feel better now that I've read that". Well good for friggin you. Maybe this will teach you to not treat your co-workers so poorly next time.

She has been sweet as pie the last three days. Maria commented on it, and all I had to say was "She damn well better be!" I am slow to anger, and apparently just as slow to come back down. It would have helped if her second apology after her meeting with Maria had been the least bit believable. I'm telling you, I am having a really hard time making eye contact with her or even giving a rat's patootie about her. I have had to force a smile onto my face this whole time.

Just ridiculous!


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