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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My IT guy just dropped three Cadbury Creme Eggs into the candy basket by my office door. My first thought was , "Lunch!". But, I think I will abstain from the creamy goodness of the Cadbury Egg. I have for lunch, instead, a "South Beach Diet" boxed lunch. It looks rather good. It is some sort of chicken wrap.

I have had the good fortune to add my younger sister to the payroll at my company. We even get to have the odd lunch together. It has been wonderful. I think we will both be eating a lot better because we will be looking over each other's shoulders. I also need to bring my lunch to work instead of eating out all the time. Firstly, my pocketbook can't afford it. Secondly, my health can't afford it!

I have my check up at the blood pressure clinic tomorrow morning. I can't believe it has been six weeks already! I have to confess that I did not get onto the dreaded cardioglide - not even once! I will have to make a definite effort to do that. I think first I will have my husband sign a form that he PROMISES not to laugh at me! I don't think he actually would, but I am afraid of that for some reason.

I have made my parents argue twice in the past week regarding a health issue. I was on the phone with them (they always listen on 2 phones whenever I call) and they started arguing when I told them I had sprained my ankle at the snow park whether I should be putting hot or cold on it. Last night at dinner, they started arguing when I told them I might be put on blood pressure medication. My mom said "stay off of blood pressure medication as long as possible". Well, she said it, like, three times. My dad said "It's better to be on blood pressure medication than to have high blood pressure". I really, really have to learn not to tell them anything about anything. At least not when they are within earshot of each other.

Someday soon, I will HAVE to have a rant about my mother. It is so long overdue!

Wish me luck at the BP clinic!


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