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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Happiness is.......

Me. I am the very definition of happiness!

Last night was one of the best nights ever. I got home with the kids at a fairly decent hour. I made meatloaf for dinner. My husband and I had so much fun playing with old baby. He was cracking us up! He is becoming such a little character. He is talking up a storm even more than usual. He launched into this tale about how the sun goes night-night, and the moon and the stars come out when it gets dark. It brought tears to my eyes that my little guy has this wonderful mind - you can actually see him thinking and trying to make sense of his little world.

I told my husband that I am ready to have another baby! I must be absolutely insane! We haven't talked seriously about the possibility of having another child. That is a conversation that can wait a few years. I just know that right now, the idea of not having another child makes me sad.

I also feel a bit guilty and selfish. What about those people that can't even have one child? Should I be happy with what I have and not reach for thirds?


  • Nope. Even God said "Go forth and multiply". Unfortunately the rabbits really took this to heart, but if he said it, then why feel guilty??

    You can look at it THIS way to justify it, you've created 2 humans to replace you both when you die, a 3rd would help increase the population of the US and would give you more grandchildren and more smiling little faces to love you lots :)

    By Blogger Squishi, at 4:10 AM  

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