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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Back to Work

I've been back to work since last Wednesday. So far, so good! Everyone has been very nice and said how happy they are that I am back. My replacement left for Thailand the day after I got back. She'll be back in two weeks. I don't blame her - I'd want to get the hell out of Dodge too!

I was talking to my IT guy yesterday. I had just gotten off the phone with one of our slightly more insane employees (read: truck driver). I told him I'd love this job if it weren't for the frickin' employees!

Luckily for me, I pay everybody. So, for the most part, people are on their best behavior when they call!

Everyone keeps asking me "how is it to be back?". Well, good I guess. The hardest part is coming to terms with the fact that I can't just kiss little chubby baby cheeks whenever I want. Now, I have to wait for that priviledge! We, as a family, are still trying to work out the routine. Luckily, I get to leave early on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I would go crazy if I had to go all day every day without seeing my baby! I'm hoping that particular guilt will ease in a couple of months, when I do have to start working full time.

My mom and dad are watching the baby for me until the end of April, then my brother-in-law will start watching him. After the first day that my parents babysat him, my mom says "we've been talking and laughing all day. We have a connection." Well, whatever makes you happy lady! The only really annoying thing is how when we get together at family gatherings she is the expert and final say about what is wrong with the baby every time he makes a noise. I went through that with my brother and sister in law when they started watching old baby. I just sit back and take a deep breath. It doesn't hurt anything - I just find it a tad annoying! I hope for my mother's sake that new baby takes a liking to her. Old baby is just now starting to warm up to her. I think if she weren't so pushy, he would have come around a long time ago. She's getting in good with new baby by spending so much time with him now, so they can connect.

My parents are watching the baby up until they leave for a trip to Australia in May. Squishy will have to take some time off and show them a good time!


  • Robyn....KOM won't write me a post about COSTCO.
    I just KNOW he'd make it funny or some deep political thing, but he won't do it.
    Can you make him?

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