Borderline Retarded

Sunday, February 12, 2006

I Robot

My husband usually flips through the channels unless there is something specific on that he wants to watch. Even then, getting him to stay on one channel is near impossible. So imagine my surprise when I stepped out of the shower yesterday, and my husband was watching the Home Shopping Network. I didn't think anything of it at first - they were selling some kind of robot that cleans the floors. Sometimes we will pause over this channel long enough to ridicule it. However, this was more than lingering. This was, "Honey, write down this phone number because there are only 12 left!". Then, I heard it. Snoring. He had fallen asleep watching TV - remote having just slipped through his fingers, chubby baby sleeping on his chest. It was so darn cute! I really wanted to take a picture, but my experience is that in trying to capture the moment on camera, I tend to destroy it. I decided to let them be, and keep it as a snapshot in my mind.


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