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Monday, April 16, 2007

This is actually a week old already!!!

This past weekend was just not long enough! I had such a hard time getting out of bed this morning, and I have been tired all day. I think I'm hitting my second wind though.

Saturday, my parents watched the boys so I could try and clean out my garage. The poor garage has basically been my place to dump anything I didn't have time to deal with, starting with day one of moving into this house three years ago!

My plan was to go "Clean Sweep" style, and remove everything out to the driveway, clean the garage, then go through and organize stuff as I put it back into the garage. Of course, Mother Nature had other plans and it rained all day. I must have stood in the garage staring at it for a good half hour trying to decide where to start. I didn't have much room to manouver, so I started with grabbing the things I knew needed to be thrown away. My husband helped me take the seats out of the van so I could fill it up with trash for the dump.

Our clothes dryer has also decided it doesn't want to work anymore, so I had to clear that space out first in case we could get a repairman out. Hahahahaha!! Same day service, good one Robyn!! The earliest anyone can come out is next Saturday. Lucky for us, we still have the old stacking washer and dryer from our last apartment. We don't have a coin-op nearby and going a full week without being able to wash and dry the kids clothes is not a good thing. Old baby is still potty training, and has quite a few accidents. The shower rod in the bathroom is full enough as it is drying my shirts that can't go in the dryer.

I was able to fill the van up with a good load, and I headed out to the dump. Ahhhh, the smell of wet rotting garbage really is something nobody should miss!


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