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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Holy cow, people. I have been busy!

The final payroll of the year and the first payroll of the year are always my busiest two weeks of the year. After I send payroll today, I will heave a sigh of relief!

We had 3 new divisions to add for CA, a new earnings code for VA, and pay raises to input for almost 600 employees as well make adjustments to the mileage rates. I am going to drink an entire bottle of red wine when I get home.

We are disbanding our race team, and I know my boss feels terrible about it. This has been his dream for so long, and he has to back out because of money flow problems. They had a backer signed on, but they decided at the last minute not to front any money until June. We just couldn't hold out any longer. I'm sure my boss will pick it up again somewhere in the future and be all the wiser for it.

I am excited because I received a nice raise, quite a bit more than I was expecting. Now, as long as hubby receives a raise, we might actually be able feel comfortable again.

I hope to be a more frequent visitor here at my own blog from now on, as well as everyone else's!


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