Borderline Retarded

Monday, November 06, 2006

Old baby got his haircut on Sunday. For once, mommy didn't have a bleeding ulcer by the time he was done! He sat on my lap, refused the plastic poncho, but sat relatively quietly and still while she cut his hair. I almost cried at how smoothly it went! I don't know what the difference was; probably just old baby growing up. I figured it would take a few more visits before we had it down, and I am hoping that next time he will be able to sit in the chair by himself. He had a small meltdown when we left though - he wanted to take a choo choo train away with him from their toy bucket. You win some, you lose some!

After the hair cut, we took the kids to the Nut Tree. We didn't stay too long, it was getting to be lunchtime and naptime. We can tell when old baby has had enough - he will start to cry on every single ride. You should see the photo album, nothing but old baby with a red snotty face on all the rides, yelling at the operators when they try and unbuckle him, and holding onto the ticket with an iron fist. It will be a few years before we try to venture to Disneyland with this one. Do they make child strength Valium?


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