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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I've just read an article that says 49% of Americans think they are worse of than their parents, even though yearly income (adjusted for inflation) is 42% higher than our counterparts in the 1960's.

I know for my part, I feel like my family and I are traveling very similar paths as did my grandparents and parents before us. I spent endless hours with my grandmother and she talked about buying their first home for $8,000.00, my grandfather losing his job just days before the birth of one of their children, penny pinching and buying Christmas presents for the children only every other year and even living with relatives when times were especially tough.

My parents were still in college when they got married and had their first child. My mom worked her way through college because her father was adamant that he wouldn't spend money on educating her because she was just going to get married and be a housewife anyway. My father bought his first house in Napa in 1974. He didn't buy the house next door on the corner lot that he really wanted because it cost $5,000.00 more. They never bought a new car until I was a teenager, and drove it until it finally fell apart. Other than coveting the "Guess" jeans all the other girls wore, we never wanted for anything. My mom taught us to be creative and we made our own birthday cards and gifts for family and friends.

Talking to my grandmother during especially difficult times in my life was always so helpful, and I sure miss her wisdom today. I could talk to her about anything, because the chances were good that she had been through the exact same circumstance in her life. Talking to my mother is not so helpful, because she turns into a self-help book and tries to get all psychological on me. That, and I firmly believe she has a mental disorder which prevents her from recalling any event in our family life accurately!

I would say that my family and I have a better life than my grandparents and parents, as far as the internet and cell phones and debit cards, what have you. As long as those things don't become a replacement for spending quality time together as a family. I am sure I will refuse to allow my children to have their own TV's, cell phones and computers. But, who's to say what our life will be like in 10 years. Maybe denying my kids these things will actually keep them behind. It will be an interesting balancing act.

I feel like I have everything I ever wanted.


  • I agree with you. We (my family) are so much better off than my parents ever were! Which is really amazing considering that my father never was able to save a dime because my mother lived by the "spend it as soon as you get it" rule. You made me laugh with the mental mother comment! It is the same with us (we are six sisters) all our versions of events are different from hers!! I enjoy your blog, you are real!

    By Blogger Della, at 4:08 PM  

  • It's not having what you want, but being content with the gifts you already have.

    There is so much here that begs comment, but I am not wise enough to do better than what you already know.

    Life is good to you and your family, and will continue to be.

    I will not ask that the Great All bless you, for you already are blessed.

    By Blogger Kingfisher, at 4:47 PM  

  • I feel the same way you do. I have everything I need in life and I am much better off than my parents and grandparents when they first started out.

    I think some of the 49%'s parents probably just made adulthood look easy so they wouldn't worry the children. Then the children grew up and saw the real world for themselves. I just don't believe that half of Americans are worse off than Americans in the 60s.

    By Blogger Jomama, at 10:38 AM  

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