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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

3 Day Weekends....

I used to like 3 day weekends so much - now it just makes more work for me on Tuesday, because for some unknown reason they still want payroll sent in on the same day!! They cut slack for everybody else around here - why not me? It doesn't help that I have a manager in Tucson who has his head up his you-know-where. I understand that they moved from Phoenix to Tucson, and it wasn't very smooth. But I think this is where the true colors of your manager comes in - whether he's worth the money you pay him or not. His receptionist / biller quit when they moved, she couldn't make the commute, and now you start to see all of the work she did on top of her "job description". He can't even get the payroll for 6 employees to me without me harassing him! He's worked as the AZ facility manager (supposedly) for 10 years!! It just sucks when you see someone get paid the big bucks to do nothing - basically, while the office person who worked there longer than he did got paid 1/3 of his salary and did all the work. We have a couple of managers like that, and we wish they would just stay home and collect their paycheck and leave us alone!! It doesn't help that my boss gets all anal about authorized signatures on paperwork. If my warehouse manager in Ontario waited until the facility manager was in to "authorize" everything, it I would never get it! She calls me and says - "He's gone, nobody knows when he's coming back". Nice.

But enough about that!! I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. I spent the weekend very slowly going through my mess of a garage trying to make a dent in all the moving boxes still in there from last June! I did make two trips to the dump - without even one problem with the morning sickness! I could never have gone near that place when I was pregnant with my first one.

We went to my sister-in-law's house in American Canyon for a BBQ. It was very nice, the whole family was there. Well, minus all the nieces and nephews. That was odd. They were all off at camp or something. My guy was basically the only little one there until later in the evening. I love my in-law's, but my sister has some pretty interesting friends. I keep expecting to see that family from the X-Files there that kept their mother under the bed on a wheeled cart! Lots of bad teeth and interesting conversation. It was hard to tell if some of them were drunk or just had a speech impediment. They all seem very nice, just a little bit off. I got to hear all about my sister in law's dog who has epilepsy and is psychotic. Apparently they have to sedate him heavily before the fireworks or his head will explode. I need to ask her what it is that makes a dog psychotic! What is really nice is that they have a dog run so the dogs can run around barking but they can't jump all over anybody.
We left about 8:30, so the little guy could go to bed. His daddy seemed a little bit tired too. We can't see any fireworks from our place, but I did hear some nice explosions. It's a bit surreal. I'm sure next year we'll be able to make the boy stay up late to watch the fireworks.


  • my son gets a kick out of the huge fireworks because he thinks that they're touching the stars. Ahhhh, to be young and innocent again. LOL Hows that baby, BTW?

    By Blogger Kaci, at 4:47 PM  

  • Ah, payroll...what is it about this "simple" task that creates thoughts of torture? Timesheets are due every Tuesday since the beginning of time so I can do payroll. And yet, I still have idiots who come to me after payroll is processed to tell me that they need to turn in their time sheet. Uh, hello, how many times do we have to have the "turn your time in by Tuesday" so you can get paid speech? Then comes the brainstorm--"so, I guess I need to put it on my calendar to turn my timesheet in." Only if you want to get the way, which 100 email reminders to turn your timesheet in did you not get/read?

    Sorry, I just had to blow off some steam. Thanks for listening.

    By Blogger sassyassy, at 6:46 PM  

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