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Monday, September 03, 2007

This has been a fun weekend. Except for taking old baby to the doctor today because his tonsils are swollen, and my husband coming down with possible strep and mono. Since those two things happened today, which is Monday and technically usually a work day, I just won't include them as part of the weekend!

Saturday, we took the kids to the Nut Tree in Vacaville, and spent 2 wiltingly hot hours running around. new baby could barely walk out to the car at the end of it! This was the best trip we've made yet, because new baby is getting old enough to go on the rides. He started to get dizzy while on the hot air balloon ride, which is like airborne teacups. Well, we all started to get a little dizzy by the end on that one!

We drove straight to the Red Robin at the Solano Mall to meet up with some friends for dinner, then I stayed behind and went to a movie with them while hubby took the boys home. Our friend Seth has been very excited to see the new "Halloween" movie directed by Rob Zombie. It was awesome! I haven't been to a horror flick in years. Actually, I'm not too sure I've ever seen an actual honest to goodness horror movie in the theater. I jumped so many times I lost count, and I'm sure I accidentally punched Mike in the chest at least twice. We had great seats too; we weren't bothered much by the other moviegoers who keep checking their cell phones for messages or whatever the heck it is they do every 30 seconds! The only nuisance was this woman who kept walking up the ramp and unsuccessfully "stage whispering" her every move to someone sitting in the theater. She was going to the bathroom. She was going outside to smoke. She was going to the Nike store to look at shoes. The movie was very well done and I am going to watch a couple of other Rob Zombie movies that our friend Scott recommended. Of course, I can't remember what they are called, so I'll have to ask him. He probably owns them on DVD anyway.

Naturally, I didn't sleep well Saturday night.

Sunday we pretty much hung out around the house, and I took old baby with me to the grocery store. He does such a good job and is such a good helper. We bought a chinese algae eater to put in with his goldfish, Big Daddy. This is actually his third goldfish; his first two, named "Nemo" and "Daddy" didn't last the first week. Big Daddy however is doing very well. And now, we can see him a little bit better!

Today, I took the boys to my parent's house to visit with some family. My cousin Kristin drove all the way from Oregon, about 500 miles, with her 7 month old baby. He is the second redhead amongst the grandkids, with my oldest being the first. It was so good to see her! Luckily, Kristin is much better than I am about e-mailing pictures and movies. We probably won't see her again until Christmas. My two boys were just smitten with the baby. My mom was too, and let me know she was ready for another one! I told I was all for it, it was the old man who needs convincing! I said "We have two - may as well have three!!" and she told me that was the wrong attitude to have. Of course. Heaven forbid she can just let me make a comment to get a chuckle out of people. According to her, having a third is like having twice as many kids. I told her I would pretend they were pounds instead of dollars. She flipped me off. (It's funny because she and my dad just returned from a month long adventure to Great Britain, and she had some issues with the conversion rates.)

Now, I am writing in my blog instead of doing laundry and cleaning the mysterious sticky spot on the kitchen floor. Oh, and I joined Weight Watchers online. Wish me luck!


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