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Friday, June 15, 2007

Month 18....Seperation Anxiety

This has been a strange week for us. My husband did not work, so we have not been car-pooling like usual. Then, the van decided it wanted to have a week off, so it called in with a leaky tire and the boys and I are cruising around in our 2-door Honda Civic to get to and from day care.

New baby has always been the more mellow, easy going one (at least compared with old baby at the same age) and has always been just wonderful being dropped off at day care. Honestly, it wasn't until close to his 1st birthday that I think he really noticed me much at all! But this week, he has not wanted me to let him off at day care, and actually starts throwing a fit before we even round the corner to her place. This morning, he actually tried to physically push me back towards our car. He was screaming bloody murder, and it was all very unsettling. I have been through this before with our older son, so I knew the best thing was to re-assure him I would be back, and that I loved him. The day care lady has been beside herself that he has been acting this way, and she wants to cry when I leave him off! She did call me this morning though about 20 minutes after I left to let me know that as soon as she shut the door, he immediately stopped crying and went about his usual business. She has never had to leave her children at day care, and she said she didn't know how I could deal with it. I told her it's because I know he's going to stop crying as soon as I leave, and that if he were actually sick or something, she would let me know right away. It's the only way I can leave my kids at all. I have to be able to trust her completely with my child, like I would a close family member. I think she was touched by that, but seriously. I would never leave my kid with someone I didn't know for a fact loved him to pieces!

My husband recommended that I try to have a mommy/new baby night tonight, so he is going to try and keep old baby occupied. I think it's a lovely idea. There's nothing more wonderful than having a date with an 18 month old hunk of burning love!


  • Kom is on to something.

    Both my wife and I have tried to have periodic "dates" with all three of our children. It doesn't alwasy solve the problem of the month, but it does help solidify bonds and make them feel special.

    My advice: keep doing it. It works. Mine are now 14, 16, and 21. It still works.

    By Blogger Kingfisher, at 12:38 PM  

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