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Thursday, November 09, 2006

New baby's day care lady is, how should I put this, INSANE. I believe she has adult attention deficit disorder. The woman is wonderful with the kids, and new baby loves her to pieces.

She gave us a calendar with her days off, one of them being this Friday for Veteran's Day. She tells me this morning as I'm dropping off the baby "You know I'm open tomorrow, right?" I answered that I did not know she was open, I have already requested the day off work, and I am keeping old baby home too. She explained that she was confused about Vet's day. It is Saturday, not Friday. My husband is going to shit a brick when he reads this. He already gets ticked off at her easily as it is. For one thing, she insists on being paid Friday morning. When we first started using her, we didn't realize the check had to be there in the morning, so she called me at work and asked if I could bring cash. While I tend to roll with these things, my husband is sometimes a crotchety 80 year old man in a 30 year old body. He also is peeved that we still have to pay her even though she is taking a day off for holidays, and 2 weeks paid vacation every year. I try and explain to him that this is hardly unusual, but as she is our only experience with a day care, she is going to bear the brunt of all of these lovely new discoveries.

She is always saying to me "your husband thinks I'm crazy!!" I just kind of laugh, but I don't correct her. He's not alone in that assumption! She is a nutbag. A lovable nutbag, but a nutbag nonetheless.


  • Hmm...yes. I know all about the lovely holiday & vacation tricks that come with daycare. My mother-in-law watches our son in her home daycare, and we pay her for her service and are subjected to the exact same treatment as everyone else. Which of course includes paid holidays, which are usually spent with it's better not to think about these things.

    By Blogger Elle Marie, at 10:37 AM  

  • By Blogger Askinstoo, at 10:16 PM  

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