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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Baby Update!

I thought I had 90 days to go, like 5 minutes ago. But the elephant tells me differently! I can't believe we are halfway through October already!

I am now in my third trimester. I will be going to the doctor every two weeks until about the last month. I have an appointment this Thursday, but I don't expect anything interesting to happen!

The baby is doing very well, mommy is doing very well. My blood pressure is in check at the moment, and I aced my glucose test. I am more thrilled by that than anything. I was not really wanting to test my blood sugar and take insulin again. It's amazing how different every pregnancy can be.

The baby is measuring around 3 pounds, just slightly larger than average. To me, that says I will not be going past my due date. If I don't go into labor on my own they will probably induce me.

We don't know the sex of the baby for sure. The doctor says he thinks it's a girl, but not to take his word for it. So, I'm not going to! My husband and I don't care to know anyway. It's just not important to us. We didn't find out with our first child, and that was such an amazing moment right after he was born when my husband got to tell everyone it was a boy. At least, I think he's the one that said it!! Most women I have talked to have a desperate need to know, they can't wait until the big day! I don't blame them, it is increasingly difficult to buy clothing and accessories that are generic, not specifically for boys or girls. I figure unless I have an amnio, I'm not going to take the word of the fuzzy off-air quality of the ultrasound pictures. I have heard too many people tell me that the doctor told them one thing, and they ended up with another.

Now, as far as personal feelings go, I think it's a girl too. That was my feeling when I first found out I was pregnant. I don't have such a strong feeling now, I am content not knowing. With my first child I had no feelings whatsoever, until the last month or so. I was feeling very strongly that he was a boy. I didn't tell anyone though - because people are so fond of assigning absolutes to everything. The last thing I need is for my kid to grow up with everyone saying I wanted a boy or a girl, or thought they were the other gender. Highly annoying!

That being said, I've also notice that people are very weird about what color the baby is wearing. As far as I'm concerned, my baby is going to wear whatever I've got - blue or pink be damned!! How did colors get to be so gender related anyway? I've never known someone to get upset about a girl wearing blue, but a boy wearing pink? Look out world!

So everything in baby-land is going well. We are trying to get our little guy prepared for the new arrival. This is going to be very interesting!


  • Hrm. Lets hope the child doesn't grow another 7lbs in the next 78 days... holy. When you think about it this is when they do most of their growing.

    From tiny little 3lb bump to "OMG IT'S A WATERMELON".

    Don't envy you on that part ;) but to have a nice soft little baby... mmmmmm :D

    By Blogger Squishi, at 4:20 PM  

  • Awwww, I can't wait to be knocked up! :) So cute.

    By Blogger Desiree, at 9:51 AM  

  • I had to take insulin with my pregnancy as well, and I can sympathize with never wanting to do it again. Congrats on the glucose test!

    By Blogger Elle Marie, at 3:09 PM  

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