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Monday, October 17, 2005

What Robyn Needs

First of all, yes, that is my name. Finally, the stress has been lifted!!

I was laughing so hard at everyone's "needs" entries - I decided I needed one for myself:

Robyn Needs Your Support!

Robyn needs advice on covering their boiler

Robyn needs to feel What is Above and not be afraid that It is an enemy

The king decides that Robyn needs to be taught a lesson - luckily for her it's the kind of dirty tutorial she enjoys

Robyn needs to get in touch with what is above the brows.

The Write Stuff feels Robyn needs more by way of a biography than those brief words.

Robyn needs wisdom in her life

Robyn needs to work on tolerence and understanding of others if she wants to be understood.

Robyn needs scribes to help at refugee interviews.

Hugo says Robyn needs it spelled out that she's dumped.

Robyn needs to make an album that ROCKS.

in a field that is traditionally dominated by men, Robyn needs to contend with male teasing and often sheer paternal chauvinism and sexual harassment

Hi guys, Robyn needs to go to see a property in Khandallah at noon on Saturday.

Robyn needs some love.

the sometimes incomprehensible worldplay smashes through the barrier of sense to say exactly what Robyn needs to say.

I think Robyn needs some Gloria posters for her Rocketown door!

Robyn needs to do more promo

Robyn needs to be able to ride a horse well?

Robyn needs a boyfriend... Conincedence? I think not. But you have to be able to tolerate lots of tinkerbelle.

Robyn needs to lighten up and watch the movie before she says anything!! Maybe she would stop being a BITCH if she pulled the dildo out of her ass!!

Robyn needs a partner in crime.

PLEASE PRAY FOR MY TURKEY!! Robyn needs a well done bird!

well I just wanted to say that I think that Robyn needs to close her lags And stop being A slut.

When Robyn needs to go with four wheels, she keeps it American: a Dodge Ram pickup.

Now all Robyn needs is a blower !!!

Robyn Needs A new bike or at least A new cranky shaft thinga-ma-bob.

Cute puss Robyn needs a home.

robyn needs a nose job.

robyn needs to live a little - honestly.

the only card robyn needs is Utaku Xieng Chi (Experienced)

First of all I would like to say that Robyn needs a spanking!!

Robyn needs to make them less dumb.

Second, Robyn needs to quit blogging, PERIOD.

It just so happens that Robyn needs me to attain a humanoid form," he added, seeing that Mace still hadn't taken his gaze up from his knees.

Extreme Robyn needs to post a pic !

now Princess Robyn needs her rest


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