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Thursday, September 29, 2005

It's been busy!

I had a great weekend.

On Saturday, my sister Wendy drove in, and we went to an Oakland A's game. My company provided tickets and a BBQ tailgate party beforehand. It was great! The weather was perfect. The A's played the Texas Rangers. It ended up being an exciting game too. Everything happened in the eight inning, and the A's pulled out a win. It has been years since I went to a ball game.

We ran into my cousin Nora and her husband at the game. It was great to see them, and how random!! We got invited to the annual Red Dress party. I went to one red dress party a couple of years ago. Nora says she has a great picture of me from that party, I'll have to see if she has a copy or if I can borrow it to post. Basically, a Red Dress party means everyone, including the men, MUST be wearing a red dress. Otherwise, they don't get in to the party. They even have spares if someone can't find a dress. It is almost like a lab experiment watching men stand around smoking, drinking beer and talking about work, or sports, or tools while wearing a flmaing red dress! They completely forget they are wearing the dresses, but they will sub-conciously rub their nipples, or their legs if they have on panty hose. Most don't wear the high heels, but one poor soul did this year. Even my cousin Wade was dressed up. He is about 6' 3", probably 350 lbs, bald, ex Navy. Scary. I took a bunch of great pictures, I will post them as soon as I finish the roll. Yes, I used an old fashioned camera that requires film.

Sunday morning, I took my son to my parent's house. We had breakfast with them and my two sisters. We checked out a local bakery that specializes in German pastries. Yummy!! The rest of the morning we planned my baby shower. We are going to have a Halloween themed baby shower - prizes for best costume and all! Halloween is my favorite holiday - this should be fun!


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