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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Baby Update......

I saw the Doc again yesterday. Everything is looking great. He is very happy with our progress. He checked again to determine the sex of the baby, and it looks like a girl. I don't want to trust the ultrasound completely though. It would be terrible to have your mind totally set on one, and have the other!! Besides, the doctor looks at what looks to me is a TV station that went off the air and says "Yep, right there!! This is a girl. See that?". What am I supposed to say? I just smile and nod.

I also had to do the glucose test. The flavored beverage they have you drink really is awful. My doc said they have different flavors now, like cola and lemon lime. Does he want me to throw up? The orange is bad enough. I don't want to have to imagine what the other ones taste like!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my blood sugar is OK. I didn't have that luck last time, I eventually had to give myself insulin shots every night. Not fun. Giving yourself a shot is the absolute hardest thing to do. It might be different if I could give myself the shot in the arm, or the leg, or even my butt. But no, the shot had to go right into my abdomen. That sucked!! I would take half an hour at least trying to psych myself to do the shot. I think the biggest problem was that to give the shot correctly, I had to pinch the skin together, so I couldn't just blindly stick it in, I had to look. My husband did it for me one night when I just couldn't do it. I remember him putting the needle in sooooo slowly. I remember yelling at him "Do it faster, asshole!" or something like that. I think I traumatized him rather badly. I finally had to tell myself, if I can't manage this, I'm not going to go through labor very well. I remember having to say that a LOT towards the end of my pregnancy.

The baby is measuring about a week and a half further along than we had figured, but I think I might just make big babies. Our son was 9 1/2 pounds. My doc said "at birth?" I said, no at 3 months, duh!! He acts like I performed a miracle or something. I think he and his nurse are just trying to make me feel good. They probably roll their eyes and make rude gestures with their hands as soon as I turn around.

I have not had any involuntary loss of bladder control, except during the occasional sneeze! I think I've hit the sweet spot of preganancy, when I'm feeling pretty darn good, and looking pretty darn sexy. Well, I think so anyway!!


  • My cousin had an 11lb-er on her 3rd. They called the baby "turkey thighs" as a nickname cos the poor girl was so big an her thighs looked like Foghorn Leghorns. heheheh.

    My old neighbour had an 11lb-er on her first. I'm amazed she had a 2nd.... I'd be like "NO NO NO Never EVER again! This one is straight off to high school!"

    By Blogger Squishi, at 4:32 PM  

  • I am glad you are having a good pregnancy,Kaci's was very enjoyable too..we talk about hers every now and then.

    By Blogger PORTER SR, at 4:08 AM  

  • You don't like soda or something? That's exactly what my glucose stuff tasted like (the orange kind). I thought it was really good. Maybe I just have problems.

    That sucks about the having to prick yourself everyday. I hope you don't have to go through that again. Thank goodness I passed mine because I would never be able to give myself shots.

    And "yea!!" for feeling sexy. What is that like?

    By Blogger Jomama, at 5:46 AM  

  • Babies get bigger and bigger with each successive pregnancy.

    By Blogger Passerby A, at 7:33 PM  

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