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Monday, August 15, 2005


My weekend was nice - another quiet one without much going on. We don't have enough weekends like that!

We got to see KOM's parents Sunday. It was great to see them. They just got back from a trip to Canada. They rode the Orient Express, sounds like a very cool trip. They had pictures on DVD, but our machine is a bit outdated, and we weren't able to see them.

They brought over two puzzles for our son, they were my husband's when he was a kid, and probably his sister's before them. One is the alphabet, and the other is all 50 states. You pull up the state and it has the capitol underneath. I'm thinking I should catch myself up with that puzzle (the states one, not the alphabet one). It got me thinking that I hope I can keep up with my son's schoolwork as he gets older. Especially math. I was never too swift numbers. Obviously a job in payroll was a wise choice!!

I thought it was cool that his parents still had stuff like that around. I thought they had gotten rid of everything like that when they sold the big house and moved into the modular home. My mom and dad heve pulled out the ancient box of toys as well. My mom is a little bit weird about that though. She wants you to look at the toys, but not actually touch them. She is pissed at my sister who has some of our old toys at her house for her godchildren to play with. One is a baby doll that apparently my mother is very attached to. It is weird to see my old stuffed animals on my mother's bed. Oh well.


  • hrm - my mother kept as much as she could of all our toys and books - and my nephew now enjoys them as much as we did (except for the girly things, he doesn't play with those).

    It was all stored in the attic of my house, and after the fire it was a good opportunity to retrieve them and anything else as we had to see what was smoke damaged. I can't believe just HOW much my mother has kept - every drawing I did in pre-school and early primary school. I was no artist, but sheesh it's nice to have all that :)

    By Blogger Squishi, at 10:57 PM  

  • Oh oh! And when my Aunt was living in the States she brought me back 2 puzzles of all the American states too (not that I even knew WHAT America was then!) and I still have those! They were exactly what you've described. They were pretty good and colourful too :D

    By Blogger Squishi, at 10:58 PM  

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