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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I had ANOTHER dream....

I guess people have dreams all the time, huh? It seems to me like it's so rare I actually remember it, I get way too excited!

I was dreaming that I was in the forest with my husband, my younger sister, our friend Mike and several other friends. We were getting ready to go on a hike. I had everyone go on ahead of me, as I had to pack up my gear. I went into this cabin that was filled with junk, and also some Asian dignitary lounging on some sleeping bags. He had an old dusty car with flags at the front. I was trying to go through and get my camping gear without disturbing him. I kept thinking that if he took notice of me, I was never going to be able to leave. Packing involved a lot of taking stuff out of one backpack, and putting it into another, over and over again. I kept getting worried that I wouldn't be able to catch up with my husband.

I finally left the cabin, and walked out into what looked like some kind of festival. There were little buildings set up everywhere. I ran into my sister, who started talking about the earthquake. I hadn't felt an earthquake, but suddenly everyone was talking about it. She said to be careful, because the drug runners were stepping up their activity because of the earthquake.

I must have woken up at this point, because I don't remember hiking anywhere else and meeting up with people. I think I was trying to wake myself up because something about the dream was bothering me. Gee, can't think of what that might have been!!


  • Ok. No more spicy food right before bed time! Pregnancy will do that to you. I had SO many dreams towards the end of Kaylee's pregnancy about random things that ranged from midgets playing volleyball outside my house to me jumping around on house roofs that I began to dread going to sleep. LOL

    By Blogger Kaci, at 10:43 PM  

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