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Monday, August 01, 2005

Puke, gag, argh!

It's another beautiful Monday morning. Well, that's what they tell me anyway! I had a morning sickness bout this morning that left me sweating and exhausted - all before 7:00 am! Apparently, my son doesn't appreciate it when I heave on his dressing table! He got kind of upset.

Actually, I upset my son a lot this weekend. Sunday, we took him to the Barnes and Noble to get some new stuff to read. He had a ball running around screaming a the top of his lungs and hugging random strangers. We stopped at Wendy's drive thru for lunch. Appart from nothing in our order being right, it tasted "hella" good. There's nothing better when you have morning sickness than a fat old greasy cheeseburger for lunch. I use the same philosphy for curing a hangover for morning sickness, Usually works pretty good! Anyway, I had to rinse off my son's high chair tray. When I lifted it up, I knocked the entire bag of food onto the floor, spilling the precious french fries. I said "Son of a biscuit!" rather loudly, and my son looked at me and started balling his little eyes out. Poor kid! He really doesn't like mom to show any emotion other than happy, or he can't handle it! Luckily, daddy was there to smooth things over while I cleaned up my mess.

Then just before we sat down to dinner, I changed the boy's diaper. I guess he took that as his cue that it was bathtime, because he ran over to the bathroom door and started wailing. He was completley inconsolable! We finally coaxed him into his high chair, and daddy was able to amuse the little tyke enough for him to eat.

After dinner, he got to take his bath. I let him play to his little heart's content. That is, until he took a dump in the tub. I tried really hard not to raise any kind of alarm, but I still had to pick him up out of the water, which really pissed him off! Once I got the floater out of the pool, I turned on the shower to make sure I cleaned him up real good. He didn't like the noise of the water turning on either!! Oi!

After I got his jammies on, I gave him some milk. Usually he will cuddle on my lap to drink it, but he was cool sitting in the couch. I decided to get his laundry out of the dryer and fold it. KOM and the boy read "The very Hungry Caterpillar". It was so adorable, because at one point my son acted like he was going to get off the couch and come to me, but instead he was wedging his little butt as close to daddy as he could get. He looked very comfy snuggled from head to toe with daddy.

So, daddy was the ultimate hero this weekend. My heart gets all gushy just thinking about it!


  • Oh YUK - i always dread bathing my nephew cos that might happen. I'm happy to bath him, but bleeeeerck.

    It's bad enough that his timing is off that he squirts right after the nappy is taken off... every &*&*^ time. I bet he does it on purpose to torture Aunty Squish. heh

    My favourite book is "the little hungry caterpillar", i even bought him a little hungry caterpillar outfit to wear a few months back - it was red with a butterfly and the caterpillar on it - but he outgrew it too quickly. It was very cute though. Very!

    By Blogger Squishi, at 4:47 AM  

  • My son had two of those outfits, one yellow and one blue. They were soooo cute. He grew out of them way too quickly! This baby is going to be a winter baby, so those outfits are a no go.

    By Blogger Robyn, at 9:19 AM  

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