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Thursday, July 28, 2005

I'm ready for a nap!

I was sitting in on a conversation first thing this morning about grown up stuff like stocks and bonds and marketing and property and ex wives and junk. I was waaaaaay out of my league! One of the owners was making comments about some property he's buying. It's an old resort and he's going to fix it up and let family and friends hang out there. They are all talking about tax write-offs and the Sierra club and lawsuits and all I can think is...... A resort all your own? How cool is that! I started freaking out a little bit though, because I realized that's how all those scary horror flicks start out. Friends getting together at daddy's resort, and they all start doing it then get chased around by a guy in a bloody hockey mask. I've decided never to go this resort. Actually, I only told myself that because I can guarantee I will NEVER get invited to his resort!!

I came back to myself in the midst of some discussion about marketing. One of the owners has a NASCAR team. My little brain decided to flash back to that "Southpark" episode with the underpants gnomes:

1) Gather Underpants

2) A miracle occurs

3) Profit!

Yeah, I finally excused myself, mumbling something about having LOTS of serious work to do.

Which I'm doing now.

Yes, I am a total sham.


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