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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Day 3.........

Well, day 3 at daycare was a bit hair raising. My son was OK in the car ride there, but as soon as I pulled into the parking lot the jig was up. He knew exactly where we were, and he was NOT in the least bit pleased. He hung onto my neck like a baby monkey - I didn't even have to hold on to him, he just stuck there. He really lost his mind when we walked into the classroom. The helper this morning was Maria, and she came right over, let me say goodbye to him, then took him into her arms and walked off with him. The look on his face was like, betrayal, and ultimate hurt. I know he was fine 5 minutes later, but it is heart wrenching just the same. My husband was sweet to tell me to just think about how happy he will be to see me this afternoon. I know I have a lot of trust in this daycare, because I have been calm, and able to focus on my job, which is important....especially today. I haven't been worrying constantly about him.

Yesterday he wouldn't eat anything, but he at least drank his milk and water. I couldn't really get him to eat at home either. He has always been such a picky eater. Even as an infant, he would take an hour to drink 2 ounces of milk. But, he had fun at story time, and loves to play outside. They seem to be able to give one on one attention, and try and do what is going to make him happy without inconveniencing the whole group. When I pick him up in the afternoons, they are able to fill me in on every detail of his day.

So, after my work is done, I will start staring at the clock in anticipation of seeing my little boy again.


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