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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Word of the day

My new favorite word is:

Ass Clown

I suppose technically, it's two words, so I should say it's my favorite phrase.


  • Hey! Mine is Cock Clown!

    By Blogger The Commentator, at 11:16 PM  

  • Ass Ferret was popular with me for awhile.
    Fart Knocker.
    Belch Weasel.
    They've all had their day.

    I like to mix it up.

    By Blogger Jerk Of All Trades 2.0, at 4:48 AM  

  • I have a certain affinity for cock-holster.

    By Blogger Jason, at 8:34 AM  

  • I just learned a new swear word...
    f*ck-tard. I guess that's really 1.5 words.

    By Blogger Passerby A, at 8:38 AM  

  • Hey, "The Commentator", is that a picture or Les Nesman from WKRP? Very cool.

    I love these phrases people come up with. You guys are very creative. Fart knocker is always a classic!

    By Blogger Robyn, at 11:26 AM  

  • One of my fav's is fuck stick and there is a Sergent in my company that say's ass clown every chance he get's later's......

    By Blogger PORTER SR, at 9:36 AM  

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