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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Here comes the bride..........

All dressed in white.

My sister in law was married today. I am so happy for her. She has found a wonderful loving man to spend the rest of her life with. He even loves her kids.

Her new father in law, has "issues".

All I can say is don't look at me when you find the diaper "surprise" under your bed.

I have had a few drinks, rum and coke to be exact. It feels very good - it has been many moons since I let myself unwind and get a little bit tipsy. Don't tell anyone, but I also smoked a cigarette. I know!

I am posting this picture of my Gran and my baby boy.

My sister and I went to see her on Tuesday. I am thinking of going again tomorrow. I love that woman so much. I just wish I could absorb her pain and suffering and make it my own, just for a day. She deserves so much better.

I think it is safe to say I am rambling a bit. I haven't felt much like posting lately - I guess I've been a bit stressed out. I have so much I want to do - and not enough time. I should not overbook myself as I have been doing, and just stay home and relax. I have about 4 more weeks until I head back to work. Time is going so fast! New baby is 7 weeks old today. He is such a precious little lump. He was the hit of the wedding party today. Old baby had his share of admirers too.

I am sitting in the third bedroom right now. It has been our "office" since we moved in. The first day we moved into the house, I made sure the baby's room was arranged, and our bedroom. My husband moved everything into the office. I don't spend too much time in here, I kind of own the rest of the house! By letting my husband move into the office, he decorated it and set it as he wished. I remember right after he moved in him saying something along the lines of "I feel like I'm making it into my old bedroom". I didn't care. Actually, I was glad for him to have some space to call just his own. without my influence. I've always felt like a wet rag on his creativity, and I was happy for him to have a comfy place. As I sat down on the loveseat, I had the distinct impression of being in his old bedroom before we moved in together. I suddenly felt like I was just his girlfriend, all those years ago.

The last time I was in here hanging out with my husband, I had a few rum and cokes and, gasp, a cigarette! I KNOW!! I jumped his bones right there on the loveseat. I think it started with me saying "can I give you a blowjob?". That was in maybe February or March of last year.

One thing I have always loved about getting drunk with my husband - the talking. We do this every now and again. We sit around and have some drinks and talk about stuff. I think "Dr." Phil is having a seizure in his sleep right now. Whoever said you shouldn't have a heart to heart with your man when you've been drinking is full of crap. I think it's great. We do it less often now of course. It would help if I weren't pregnant all the time!

My husband is sitting here with me, and told me to let him know when I've finished my post. Do you think he'll remember what it was he wanted to talk about? We'll see!


  • hehehe. Its good to have a few drinks after having a baby. your baby is so very cute. I remember when you first told the blog world you were preggers. can't believe he's almost two months old now!! As for jumping hubby's bones, I understand that. Me and my hubby are like rabbits now that he's back from Iraq. And we're feeling our ages now. Not quite the youngsters we used to be.

    By Blogger Kaci, at 3:46 PM  

  • Awww. Look at that adorable little chubster! How big is he now?

    By Blogger Jomama, at 5:06 AM  

  • I'm surprised you have any time left over to read blogs Kaci!!

    I haven't weighed the little dude lately, he has a doctor's appointment next week. He must weigh about 15 pounds already!! His cheeks alone weigh 5 pounds each!

    By Blogger Robyn, at 12:07 PM  

  • Awwwww!!! Looook aatttt the cuuutttiieee babbbbyyyy!!!

    Sorry, I always talk like that when I see babies. Can't be helped. :D

    By Blogger Reese The Law Girl, at 10:06 AM  

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