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Sunday, November 04, 2007

I have been one busy little bee.

Normally, I spend time writing on my blog during down time at work. I never usually use the computer at home. Since taking on the new tax responsibilities, I now work a 40 + workweek, and have had roughly ZERO downtime since June!

Three TTB auditors arrived last Monday. Luckily, Maria is still the head honcho as far as compliance goes, so my involvement has been minuscule. Luckily especially because I have been feeling under the weather the past two weeks. I had a touch of the flu, then a terrible hacking cough. I think I could really use a vacation!

Halloween was fun this year. The kids both dressed up and went "Trick or Treating". This was old baby's first time going door to door, and he did really well. They were both cracking me up. New baby had no idea what the heck was going on, but he will follow his big brother anywhere! They forgot to say "Trick or Treat", and just walked right into people's houses. At one house new baby took candy out of his bucket and gave it to the nice people at the door! They had fun handing out candy after we got home too. I was even able to take a couple of pictures before they tore their costumes off! They were ghosts. I bought old baby a costume, and made one for new baby out of a men's long sleeved T-shirt.

We had a potluck at work and a costume contest. I love Halloween; it's hands down my favorite holiday of the year. However, they last several years have found me completely unimaginative and unable to think of a costume for myself. Usually by the time I think to go to a costume shop, it's the night before and all they have left are costumes from the "Playboy" collection. My friend Maria won "most creative" with her Magic 8 Ball costume. She had a spare wig, so I put that on and we decided I was Britney Spears! My friend Keri was dressed as Sally from "The Nightmare Before Christmas." Let's see if I can manage to post a couple of photos:

This last picture is our "Way Bitchin' 80's" IT Department.


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