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Monday, May 01, 2006

The sun is finally shining - and we didn't enjoy a minute of it this weekend!!

My husband is fighting a terrible cold - I haven't seen him this sick since he had pneumonia. I have been taking care of both kids, and trying very hard not to ask him to help out with anything so he can rest. That is MUCH easier said than done! I realized this weekend exactly how much I count on his help with, well, everything. I mean, I think that I ask my husband for help roughly every 4 minutes on an average day. It made me think too about single parents, and how they have to make a go of it themselves every day, all the time. I don't know how anyone does it alone without going into stark raving bitch mode.

I had so much planned to do this weekend around the house. Our community is having a garage sale next weekend, and my job was to clean out the garage and separate everything, once and for all, into piles for garbage, garage sale and keep. Anyone who has read this blog over the past year knows what a challenge it is for me to clean my frickin garage! I was all psyched to do it - and then my husband has to go and get sick! The nerve.

I am also participating in the "Tour de Cure" next Sunday. This will be the third year I have hopped on my bicycle to raise money for Diabetes research. I haven't even sat on my bike since last year's ride! I want to take old baby with me this year, but I'm not too sure I can manage putting together the baby carriage that attaches to the back of the bicycle. I am not mechanically minded, so even if I did manage to get the thing attached, I would worry that I didn't do it right.

Since I wasn't able to do any of this during the weekend, I will be attempting to work on it in bits and pieces every night this week. This means an unprecedented amount of gumption on my part!


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