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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My 2 year old son told me what was what at dinner last night.

He had dropped his fork on our not-so-sparkling kitchen floor. I jumped up and grabbed him a clean one, which apparently brought down the wrath of the pancakes God (Yes, he was having pancakes for dinner!).

After explaining to him in a very calm manner that he was not getting the old fork back because it was dirty, he glared at me with furrowed brow and said: "Go UP Mommy! Go UP!".

I take that as the 2 year old equivalent of "Up Yours".

I looked at my husband with a smile on my face, because, well, I thought it was hilarious that my son was cursing me out. My husband had a similar story from a few days ago. I try really hard not to laugh at the boy, but it is soooooo hard sometimes! You just can't take him seriously!

My husband was not amused, and the boy ended up going to his bedroom for a few minutes while we finished dinner.

I am constantly amazed at the language and usage of said language that young children pick up. They really do pay attention to everything you say. We try very hard to always behave in a respectful manner towards each other and to the children, but I can see the influence that others have over my kids. Actually, try is the wrong word. My husband and I don't need to work at being respectful towards each other, it just comes naturally. It makes me realize even more how much work is involved with being a parent. You have to stay on top of everything your child does from such a young age. Otherwise, others will be able to undermine you at every move.

The rewards of parenthood are worth the effort!


  • It is truly amazing what the kids pick up. It gets better (worse?) as they get older, too...Alex now has ears like a Whisper2000, I swear. Except for when I want her to stop doing something, like, say, yanking on a piece of string she has put around her little brother's throat. Then she might as well not have any ears.

    By Blogger PSUMommy, at 5:25 PM  

  • I'll have to try that one at work to see its reaction "Go UP, go UP".

    hehehehe :)

    By Blogger Squishi, at 2:27 AM  

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