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Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Stupidness Continues.....

I am ready to slap someone! There is a woman in my office who is either dense as a concrete slab, or just pretending to be. Either way I hope she doesn't step one foot into my office again today.

This is the woman who can't figure out how to add or subtract and keeps overpaying herself for vacation and personal days, then just assumes it takes care of itself. She had been arguing with her manager over this since Friday and finally she agreed to a solution. So, I made a couple of adjustments with her payroll this week to pay out some vacation time to cover an overpayment of personal time. I know, exciting!! Well, I e-mailed her an updated report showing the correction, and she brought it in to me this morning arguing with me about it. The problem is, that I know I explained it to her, and she says she understands, but she just doesn't! I can't make it any more simple for her. Luckily, her manager this year is different than the one she had last year, and this one might actually keep track of her available time. She's one of those people who would keep requesting days off with pay until the end of time, and expect everyone else to deal with it. Take some responsibility!

She just walked back in and asked if I could give her one of our co-workers phone numbers. WHY!!! Why ask me a questions she KNOWS the answer to? If our co-worker wanted her to call, she would have given her the number!! I tell her "No", and she says, "Oh yeah, I used to work in personnel" and walks off. Agh!

There, I'm better now.


  • it bothers me too, when people cannot take responsibility for themselves. Good lord, she should be able to at least keep track of her time correctly! At least you are smart enough to know you're not this dumb! lol enjoy a laugh (if you can) at her expense!

    By Blogger Amy, at 9:04 AM  

  • i hate stupid people, and i work with 400 of them. Give them a choice of "black or navy" and you get the response "bone".

    Here, if i throw you one, will you go Woof?

    By Blogger Squishi, at 6:34 PM  

  • Stupid and lazy people are the reason I quit my job and decided to stay home all summer and go to New York City for my Annual Mother/Daughter Trip with my daughter Jessica.

    I mean when a highly paid professional engineer spills food on the floor in the breakroom and looks at you (the lowly receptionist and apparent kitchen cleaner?) to clean it off the floor...enough is enough.

    I told hubby and he said "QUIT! TODAY!"


    By Blogger Della, at 9:13 PM  

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