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Monday, May 08, 2006

My son has ears! And other things I noticed this weekend.....

I took my 2 year old to get his haircut. For the first time. I had been cutting his hair at home, but he freaks out completely, and I can usually only get about half of his hair cut before he becomes absolutely hysterical.

There is this great hair cutting place in Vacaville called "Kids Carousel Cuts". They have a play area with a huge castle, all sorts of toys, video games and a TV showing videos. They also have some chairs that are made out of old toys; there was an airplane and a couple of cars, for the kids to sit in while they get their hair cut. I was hoping that all this would make the job of cutting my son's hair easier. Maybe he would behave better for a stranger than he does for me? WRONG! We started him out sitting in a car, but he was upset that it wouldn't go anywhere. Then, he wouldn't put on the plastic cape. Luckily, I had thought ahead that he might not want to wear it, and brought a spare shirt. Maybe I should have thought more ahead and brought valium for both of us! He sat on my lap, and the nice hair cut lady got started. I wish I could tell you her name, but it was completely unpronounceable. I had asked her so I could introduce her to old baby before we got started. Sometimes you just have to cut your losses.

Even though old baby squirmed and screamed, she did an excellent job of cutting his hair. As soon as we were done, I took off his shirt, and took him to the bathroom to wipe off his face. I think the cool cloth helped sooth him, as well as brush off the bits of hair that were bothering him. Less than one minute after he was done with his haircut, he was his old self again. We stayed and played with their toys for a few more minutes then took our leave.

I had passed the Vacaville/Elmira cemetery on the way in. Not knowing Vacaville too well, I was never too sure how to get there. I decided we would stop on the way home and visit my Gran. We pulled into the cemetery and old baby noticed all the flowers. He loves flowers. Well, he loves almost everything right now!

We parked, and it took me a little while to find the grave. I eventually had to set new baby down as he weighs almost 20 pounds, and God only knows how much he weighs in the baby carrier! We finally found the grave, and we sat and enjoyed the sunshine for a while. I told old baby that next time, we would bring flowers with us to put in the vase. He looks at me and says "Flowers?" I showed him where the flowers would go. He looked around, and started pulling the tiny flowers up out of the grass, and dropping them one by one into the vase. It was so sweet. My Gran and Grandpa both would have been pleased to know their great grandson.

I also participated in the Tour de Cure on Sunday. It is a fundraiser for diabetes research. My sister in law started a team three years ago called the "Coffee Clutchers". This is my third year riding. We do the 10 mile "family" ride through the beautiful town of Yountville. We leave from the Veteran's Home, drive through town, out into the country, and back again. The weather was beautiful. I had spent all afternoon on Saturday attaching a carriage to my bike for old baby. I think I invented three new swear words! I had two minor bike malfunctions once the event started, but luckily, I was able to "MacGuyver" my way through! There were so many times I could have stopped, turned around and gone back, but I didn't. It was hard work, but I made it all the way through! WE made it all the way.


  • Oh don't you just love the innocence of little kiddies?

    I have never heard of a hairdresser like that, it's such a good idea! I've been getting my hair done with kids just screaming down heaven and earth in terror (I have no idea why). That's just too way cool! :)))))

    By Blogger Squishi, at 2:02 AM  

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