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Monday, November 14, 2005


I saw Cirque du Soleil on Sunday at SBC park in San Francisco. After so much worry over whether I was going to like it or not, it turned out to be an awesome show.

The premise of the show was that a man is asleep, and dreaming. He dreams that he dies, and he sees his funeral. The first part of the show is him laying in state on his bed, and people walking through to view him. An angel appears form the ceiling, and some mischief gets started that makes him wake up and protest that this is his funeral, please leave him the hell alone!

I went to the show with my parents, my younger sister and my older sister and her husband. I rode into the city with my mom and dad and my younger sister. I forgot how much "fun" it was to be stuck in the car with my parents. They bickered almost non-stop the whole way. I knew I was in for it when my mom came up to the door and her hair was in curlers. Somehow she had managed to not get ready in time to leave the house by 11:00. When I was a kid, it was always our fault she wasn't ready on time. I don't know what her excuse it now! I tried not to think about the drive into the city with my mother sitting in the front seat with her hair in curlers. I guess after you have a kid if your own you no longer feel any humility. I was getting extremely nervous though as we approached our destination and she still hadn't taken the curlers out. I was this close to ripping them off her head myself. I always get nervous watching her apply makeup while we're driving too. I always wonder if my dad ever has the desire to swerve just as she's applying the mascara.

My older sister didn't help matters by calling us constantly to give us random directions that were contradictory to the directions my dad had printed out. However, we made it with time to spare.

I think what I enjoyed most about the show was the fact that the music was played live by musicians. The music was enjoyable all on its own. The conductor also sang, and his voice was beautiful. It seems to me that this show had an Italian flair to it. It is hard to pin down exactly what my favorite part of the show was, but at one point they have this tiny little woman, about the size of a 2 year old, suspended by 5 gigantic balloons. Her tiny slippered feet were resting in the palm of the dreaming man, and he sent her floating over the audience. Her name was Balentina, and she had the cutest little voice, heavily accented, French I believe. She would land on the outstretched palm of an audience member, and they would push her back up and over.

Just wonderful. I can't wait until my son is old enough to take to these kind of shows.


  • I went to Cirque du Soleil last year and saw Quidam - one of the BEST shows of my life.

    I am now a CdS junkie and will go every time they come out. I particuarly want to see the Asian themed one where they spin 4 big paper umbrellas on their feet and hands all at once.

    You never said though, DID she take the curlers out???

    By Blogger Squishi, at 2:39 PM  

  • I saw Cirque du Soleil when they were here last month (Quidam). I didn't bring Ophelia because I thought she might be overwhelmed like the way she was at the Hi-5 concert. I'll definitely take her to the show when they are back here again.

    By Blogger Passerby A, at 5:11 PM  

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